Hello! 🙋

I studied cognitive science and design innovation at UC Berkeley and recently started my graduate study in HCI at Carnegie Mellon.
Right now, I am interested in designing tools and platforms to connect people, whether be it collaborative tools to increase work efficiency or VR experiences that bring friends closer together from across the globe.‍

So…why become a designer? 🤔

‍I enjoy the power of logic and art, and even more when they are combined to solve problems. My experience as a former debater shaped the way I identify and approach problems in the design process and equipped me with the ability to think critically and logically. At the same time, I am always delighted when I see aesthetically-pleasing artifacts and have the impulse to create some of them on my own.
These experiences and passions have driven me to work towards designing experiences/products that possess a balance between usability and aesthetics.

What else do I enjoy?

Here is my resume. Please feel free to reach out anytime to chat!