Hello! 你好 🙋

I studied cognitive science and design innovation at UC Berkeley and will be starting my graduate study in HCI at CMU next fall. I worked  as a Product Design Intern at Grand Rounds. Last summer, I worked as a UI Design Intern at Sinovation Ventures in Beijing, China.

So…why design? 🤔

I enjoy the power of logic and art, and even more when they are combined to solve problems. My experience as a former debater shaped the way I identify and approach problems in the design process and equipped me with the ability to think critically and logically. At the same time, I am always delighted when I see aesthetically-pleasing artifacts and have the impulse to create some of them on my own.

These experiences and passions have driven me to work towards designing experiences/products that possess a balance between usability and aesthetics.

What else do I enjoy? 🤔

Here is my resume. Please feel free to reach out anytime!