Alibaba Internship

In Summer 2020, I worked as an Experience Design Intern at Alibaba Entertainment Group in their Beijing office. I was a part of the Movie and Performance UED team and mostly worked on improving the user experience of Damai, the NO.1 leading entertainment ticketing app in China. Besides shipping new versions of Damai with fellow designers, PMs and engineers, I also worked on several explorative projects with my team and mentors.

Type: Experience Design
Duration: June-September 2020

Project 1: Home Page Cards Redesign 👀


On a strategic level, Damai was in a transforming phase from being a pure ticketing platform to becoming a hub for users regarding all things related to local performances and events.

I joined this effort to enrich the content provided to our users and thereby expanding the influence of our platform. Specifically, I was responsible for exploring possible approaches to improve the design of the Damai home page recommendation feed.

How do we change the narrative of the home page feed from selling products to promoting fun exciting performances and events?


I dug into the problem space by trying to identify ways to showcase the highlights of each performance/event and thereby quickly matching our users with their potential interests, instead of only showing the most basic information about each show that was less attractive, such as location, time, and price.

This approach included several focuses:
1. Static to dynamic: I proposed switching the visual representation of each performance from static poster to dynamic GIF and video clips, and explored the best content for each type of event/performance to capture our user’s attention and interest as they quickly scroll down the list.

2. Reorganizing factors of determination: Restyling the cards to display a clearer information hierarchy with the most important factors of determination that would better match with our user’s priorities.  

3. In addition, I also explored the utilization of intelligent UI to personalize the cards for individual users, so that they would see a combination of selected information based on our prediction of what they care the most.

Final Plan

To test the validity of my approaches above, I designed a detailed AB testing plan to test the different categories of factors of determination. By the end of my internship, I presented this plan to my mentor and to the rest of the team working on other branches of the project.

Project 2: Review Flow Optimization ✏️


Just like how customers love reading reviews from others before purchasing a product, they also love to know what others think of events and performances on Damai before deciding whether or not they are interested in getting a ticket. Damai deeply value our user’s input and hope that more people would come back to us after watching a performance to share their thoughts and feelings.

However, the overall percentage of users who actually leave a review after going to a performance was incredibly low. In order to improve our current review flow, the design and product team came together in hope of identifying the pain points within the original flow and optimizing it for our users.

Solution & Outcome

Our final solution was a pop-up message on the home page that will prompt the user to rate and leave a review after the performance ends. From a design perspective, we strived to make sure that the interaction and flow was not heavy or complicated, and that the user would feel inspired to create content of high quality.

After the new version was released, the number of reviews written by users nearly tripled on a daily basis, proving the effectiveness of our approach and our belief that users were willing to share their opinions, as long as an accessible channel is provided.

Overview of the entire flow of the final design