Shimo Docs Internship

I had the great honor to be a part of the product design team at Shimo and contributed to shaping this awesome tool for companies and teams to collaborate on files and manage documents remotely.

I was primarily responsible for features related to enterprise management, while also being involved with design work for the main site. Scroll down to see some of the exciting projects and features that I worked on during my 4-month journey with Shimo!

Type: Product Design
Duration:  March - June 2020

1. I redesigned the activity log to help enterprise admins better monitor member activities and enhance file security 🔐

File security is a major priority for our enterprise users, especially for companies with thousands or even tens of thousands of employees, who having different levels of access to documents on Shimo. The redesigned activity log page enables our enterprise admins to more easily monitor and filter through activities and more quickly identify suspicious activities that could lead to file leakage when such events occur.

2. I redesigned the service purchasing flow to reduce frictions and make plan pricing more easier to understand💰

When it comes to purchasing seats for enterprise plans, things could get really complicated: picking a right subscription plan for your team, buying sufficient number of seats, and deciding on a length of subscription... It can be quite a painful decision-making process.
To ease this pain for our users and explain how our pricing works in a more clear and concise way, I embarked on the endeavor to redesign on our old service purchasing flow that was quite segmented and hard to navigate. Some of the major improvements included a more unified flow for all actions that our user might need to take when adjusting their purchase and a more humane way to explain the cost breakdown.

3. I explored new visual design patterns for many of the business-facing features to align with visual language across the platform and add more design flexibility for additions of new features 💻

While I was there, the Shimo design team was working on creating a coherent design system to ensure design consistency and empower designers. In this process, I was given the opportunity to experiment with some of the visual language on enterprise-facing features, including but not limited to new iconography and interaction patterns. Some of them were later adopted into our existing design system for site-wide usage. :)

I also worked on several side projects during my time at Shimo. If you are interested in learning more about them or any of the work above, please feel free to drop me a line at any time!!